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Donation Drop Off Location

Donation Drop Off Location

Donation Drop Off Location

A great way to help

A great way to help

Please drop off your donations at:

Shabby Cat
Resale Shop & Adoption Center
963 Fourth Avenue North
Naples, Florida 34102

What We Need

Donations of Store Items

Please check your closets, garage and storage units. We are in need of furniture, good clothing, purses, accessories, wall art, books, mirrors, linens, lamps, jewelry and new or used perfume. Call for store directions or pick up for large donations (239) 263-6019 or email

All proceeds from Shabby Cat support the animal rescue efforts of Brigid's Crossing.

Donations of Cat Items

Donations of Wet and Dry Cat food are greatly appreciated, as well as Flea combs, Brushes, Pet beds, Cat nail clippers, Litter scoops, Cat toys, Scratch posts, Cat trees, Treats, and Wee wee pads...


Shabby Cat's location via Google Maps:

Whatever you can give,
a lot or a little,
your support of the Brigid's Crossing kitties is greatly appreciated!

Brigid's Crossing Foundation
PO Box 366955
Bonita Springs, FL 34136
Ph (239) 591-8425

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