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FIV Success Stories: Anni & Oliecat

FIV Success Stories: Anni & Oliecat

Taking a leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith
Anni is one of our friends on Facebook and we wanted to share her story about a special boy named Oliecat.

In her own words...

I met my Oliecat as he was living outside with some feral friends that I feed. He clearly was not feral, so I took him in to my vet to be neutered and have his shots, and in the process found out he was FIV+. Heartbroken, I decided that I couldn’t expose my other cats to this and that I would try to get him adopted out into a loving home where he was the only cat. I tried and tried to place him to no avail. Even the shelters wouldn’t take him.
Everyone was afraid to even touch him for the most part. He didn’t look sick. He was a little underweight, but that came with living outside. He was frisky and very affectionate. So I started doing research. I found some very helpful websites and chatted with caretakers of other FIV+ kitties. Then I took a leap of faith and integrated him into my home with my other FIV negative cats. Guess what? We are all happy and healthy and my FIV negative cats are still negative. They ALL eat together, play together, and groom each other on a daily basis. I could not have made a better choice. I am so glad for the lessons that I have learned from Oliecat and the love that he continues to give me and his siblings to this day.
—Anni Hine
We get calls every day from people who want us to take FIV positive kitties because they don't understand it. We always try to educate them but it is a rare day that anyone decides to keep them.

A very special thank you to Anni and Oliecat for sharing their lovely story, and especially to Anni for taking that "leap of faith" that saved a special cat that truly deserved his forever home.

For more info on FIV and to meet a few of our FIV+ cats, please visit our Sponsor a Cat page.

In love and light,
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