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Your Heart Will Be Rewarded

Your Heart Will Be Rewarded

First adopters, now volunteers

First adopters, now volunteers

We work a lot, run a household, and do all the things that busy people do, but when we lost our beloved Felix of 15 years, we did not know the devastating impact it was going to have on our lives. We still had other children. Yes, we call our feline pets our children. We realized that they were suffering the same loss and sadness. To help ease everyoneís pain, we considered adopting another. This isnít just about our adoption process; it is about so much more.

We went to Brigidís Crossing Foundation not knowing what to expect. We werenít even sure that we were going to adopt at all. That day, we were introduced to an overwhelming number of adorable furry felines. How could we possibly choose? Thankfully, we didnít have to. Instead, two little boys chose us. They have brought immense joy and excitement back into all our lives. Our family now consists of 6 cats, males and females, ranging from fifteen weeks to fifteen years.

The Franklin Pride

While our family dynamic was beginning to heal, our hearts and minds were still on the many cats that we had met during the adoption process. Honestly, if space and finances would have allowed, we could have taken home twenty or more new family members. From healthy, missing and paralyzed limbs, to FIV, we were smitten and missed them terribly.

After researching more about Brigidís Crossing Foundation, their goals, their accomplishments, and experiencing personally what was done for us, we decided to volunteer. For us, volunteering meant giving of our time to pet, hold, hug, play with, and love on all the cats at Brigidís Crossing.

The staff and caregivers are amazing for what they do. Their time is consumed with duties of food, shelter, medicine, and vet care. At the end of the day, they have little time left for simple cuddling or playing with toys. Volunteers can help with the one-on-one loving attention. Our volunteering has not only given the cats that loving attention they need, but it has filled our hearts with returned love as well. It gives us the opportunity to get away from work, cell phones, and the everyday hustle and bustle. The simple act of sitting on the ground and having thirty or more cats greet you from all around is an experience you will never forget.

Shelly Franklin

Kelly Franklin

Our eyes and hearts have been opened not only to the adoption and volunteer process, but the need for community help. Before our Brigidís Crossing experience, we were just like the majority of people that think ďsomeone else will take care of itĒ. There are many volunteers, but the job is so big that help is always needed. Please do what you can by donating, volunteering, or spreading the word. It all helps.

Thank you Brigidís Crossing for allowing us to spend time with our feline friends. The exchange of affection and unconditional love is hard to put into words. Thank you to our sweet Felix for fifteen years of love and affection. His passing broke our hearts, but also led us to a path so beautiful. He will never be forgotten.


Felix 11/10/97 Ė 2/19/12

PLEASE VOLUNTEER however you can. The most valuable gift is the giving of you.

If it is one day a month, or one day a week, you will be warmly appreciated. Your heart will be rewarded and you will know exactly what we are talking about. It will change your life furever.

Written by Kelly & Shelly Franklin - September, 2012

Brigid's Crossing is always looking for qualified volunteers!

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