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The Beginning of Brigid's Crossing

The Beginning of Brigid's Crossing

“...all things are bound together, all things connect.”

“...all things are bound together, all things connect.”
The Brigid's Crossing Holistic Cat Sanctuary began as a result of the awareness of the need to help the animals no one else was helping. A number of animal welfare organizations were rescuing and adopting animals but had no place for the unadoptables. The founders started humbly and in a small way with a colony of FIV positive feral cats that had no option except euthanasia.

With a background in alternative and holistic health, they treated the animals as they would want to be treated.

The response was profound.

Animals who no one thought could survive, thrived. Animals that everyone said couldn’t be tamed, tamed themselves and found homes. Not liking the idea of cages, they researched and found a system originated in England that would allow the cats to live freely outside and only fence the perimeter of the property.

They began to see the development of relationships between the animals, the people and the place that they had never imagined. The experience became the teacher and with each teaching their world expanded—without trying—and the vision grew.

Today, they have developed a sustainable model for sanctuary management and health care that far surpasses the industry standard.
The Circle of Life is the interconnectedness
of all living things.
That we are all connected to one another, and by showing us the intricacies of the interwoven threads of life, what our part in it all is. It helps us understand that without our part in the tapestry the "Bigger Picture" is not as it should be.

We add colour, dimension and life to each other, to all of life. No matter what colour, race or creed we are, we need each of us to create a beautiful existence and expression of the Whole Best expressed by Chief Seattle in his speech in 1855:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves, all things are bound together, all things connect.”
—Chief Seattle, 1855

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